LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - It's time to elect new politicians


Americans seem to have very short memories. Back in 2008 I don't remember any business owners or CEOs saying they no longer cared about profits. In fact, the message I got from businesses, small and large, was that there would be no change. In the future they would try to maximize profits for their company and return as much of the profits to their own pockets as they could.

What I also remember from 2008 is that Obama told Americans that if they elected him they would see change in Washington, "Change is coming to Washington, no more Wall Street fat cats, no more corporate welfare, the wealthy will pay their fair share of taxes."

Many Americans believed him and elected him president. Furthermore, for the first two years of his presidency, voters gave him a Democratic majority in the House and Senate.

For two years Obama had it all, and what did he give back to America. Instead of giving Americans jobs, he told young Americans they could stay at home with mom and dad, and not to worry, because now mom and dad could keep them on their health insurance policies longer.

Under Obama, it's always someone else's fault, the largest banks have gotten bigger, no tax reform, health-care costs went up 10 percent in 2011 alone, and the national debt has gone up by $4.5 trillion.

As a comparison, from 1789 to 1993, over 200 years, we added $4.5 trillion dollars to the national debt, Obama has added that much in only three years!

The fact is, Obama bamboozled the American people. But Americans have been getting bamboozled by the politicians for a long time. Liberal, conservative, Democrat or Republican, a politician is a politician, someone who will say anything to get elected, and then when elected, change nothing of any importance.

Since the politicians refuse to seriously address any of the important issues facing America, the American voter must change.

During the 20th century, 99 percent of the politicians elected were either Democrat or Republican, and they seemed to have best represented the top 1 percent.

Maybe in the 21st century it's time for a historic change, maybe it's time to retire all the Democrats and Republicans and elect some politicians, who maybe for the first time in a very long time will start telling the truth and will do what they promised after they're elected.

Richard Strozinsky

Walla Walla


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