LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Make choice to benefit our children


I know we are all more than a little weary of thinking about money, both personally and civically.

Nickeled and dimed, nickeled and dimed, nickeled and dimed.

The thing about us voters though is that we are adults. We are grownups. We have been through the triumphs and tortures of elementary, middle and high school. We have benefited from our elders' wisdom, generosity, foresight then and continue to benefit from it every day we greet each morning above ground and breathing.

When we send our children and our neighbors' children off to a Walla Walla school we know in our hearts they are being well-tended, academically, socially and personally.

When we have to make hard choices of where our nickels and dimes are going to be spent, and when we have to painfully decide "yes," or "no," the one choice that should ease the ache is the one that benefits our children.

Please vote "yes" for the replacement levy. In the end, this is the choice that benefits our world, one nickel and dime at a time.

Dorothy O'Brien

Walla Walla


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