LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Walla Walla needs a true hobby store


I wish to comment on a subject that is truly dear to my heart, and that subject is "Hobbies".

I have been a hobbyist now for a little over 60 years; I am now 73.

Now as everyone knows, hobbyists need hobby stores Aside from the Inland Octopus, it seems that Walla Walla has no hobby stores, For awhile we had Frog Hollow in College Place but it seems it has departed the scene.

I remember when we had Dan Reeder's Hobby Store on East Isaacs Avenue. Now that was a true hobby store. Dan had everything for the true hobbyist. Everything from trains to paints. He had kits of all kinds from balsa to plastic, and there was no shortage of the supply of model paints for the hobbyist.

I do believe if it was manufactured, Dan had it, or could get it for you.

Well those days are gone now.

I have to resort to either ordering online or traveling to the Tri-Cities to purchase from the many hobby stores over there, and that's revenue that should stay here in Walla Walla.

My question is, why can't Walla Walla get and keep a hobby store for us serious hobbyists on the order of a Dan Reeder's?

Michaels in Kennewick is a hobby and craft store, but its idea of hobbies is a small selection of paints, brushes and a few kits. It is not a true "hobby store," even the Purple Octopus has a limited supply of hobby supplies and kits of planes,ships, armour, etc.

It's almost certain we will never see an open and functioning mall anymore, but there are still plenty of abandoned buildings around town a Dan Reeder-type store could occupy.

Come on Walla Walla, get on the ball and get hobby store here.

Richard Bardsley

Walla Walla


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