Garfield County Commissioners are Dean Burton, Wynne McCabe and Robert Johnson. With all present Monday commissioners:

  • SIDEWALKS: Discussed repairs that will be needed when new street lights are installed with Aleshia Ruchert of Southeast Washington Economic Development Association. The county has allocated up to $17,000 to help with the sidewalk repairs, and commissioners told Ruchert that is all they can contribute. The historic lights will be installed downtown on street corners and mid-block.

  • RECYCLING: Signed a two-year grant renewal agreement with the state Department of Ecology for the waste reduction and recycling program. The program includes waste reduction education, household hazardous waste education, tire amnesty days, and drop box recycling. The county's matching share of the $103,861.33 grant is $25,965.33. Unanimous.

  • VEBA: Discussed the Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association program with Tia Gilroy, a representative of the VEBA service.

  • GENERATOR: Approved request by Sheriff Ben Keller to install a road department portable generator as back-up at the radio site. The road department has agreed to donate the generator. It was previously used at the rock crusher site

  • VEHICLE: Discussed options for purchase of two vehicles for the Sheriff's Office with Keller. The 2012 budget includes two vehicles. Options include outright purchase of a lease with option to buy.


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