Letters To The Editor - Lawmakers shouldn't waste time on uniforms


I believe it was irresponsible for our own Rep. Maureen Walsh to introduce House Bill 2346 without looking into all aspects of the correctional officer uniform issue. It would be nice if our elected officials get the facts straight before they react.

One of the issues was the uniforms "turning purple in no time." I know many correctional officers who have worn their uniforms for several years without them turning purple. Maybe the ones who do should check how they are laundering them.

During a period of high unemployment this bill, if passed, could result in the loss of Correctional Industries jobs. I work for Correctional Industries and am aware that when the state purchases from CI that money stays in the state, which in turn helps pay for civilian wages, offender work programs, offender legal financial obligations, etc. If DOC purchases uniforms outside of CI, that money will go out of state and possibly out of country.

For Maureen to introduce a bill that will now have to go through the legislative process, taking time away from our legislators based on a handful of complaints, is foolish in my eyes. One would hope that our elected officials would concentrate their efforts on our state's troubled social and economic issues but that is clearly not the case.

Bradley J. Sandau
Walla Walla


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