Letters To The Editor - Let's continue to support education


Vote yes for kids. There are many programs and people in the Walla Walla Public Schools that depend on school levy tax dollars, and I am proud Walla Walla has a long history of supporting local levies.

Not passing this replacement levy eliminates nearly 20 percent of the school budget and many people and programs would be reduced or eliminated. Our youngest, Jerry, is a fifth-grader at Prospect Point, and people and positions are at risk at his school if the levy fails, including Mrs. Nicholson the librarian, Bonnie the school nurse, Mr. Rearden teaching PE, Mrs. Hurst directing music, and para-pros, such as long-time favorites Mrs. Butler and Mr. Bartlow.

Also the levy funds the FFA advisor, Miss Butcher, who helped him and the FFA kids learn to shear their fair lambs. He's been bused to Sharpstein to be a part of the elementary Explorer program taught by Mrs. Cortinas, and bused from Garrison for the before-school fifth-grade orchestra program taught by Miss Riggs, both of which depend on this local tax support. The full-day kindergarten program at Prospect Point receives levy funds.

I cannot imagine our schools without these and the many other programs and people funded with the levy tax dollars. This money comes from and stays in our community. Jerry couldn't imagine these changes at his school either. In words that could come only from the mouth of a fifth-grader, he said, "Most of the kids at my school would freak out without PE. I think it would be sad if we didn't have the music program."

Let's continue the tradition of supporting education in Walla Walla. When the ballots arrive, please join with the thousands of Walla Walla voters, including my family and me who will vote "yes for kids."

Ruth Ladderud
Walla Walla


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