Letters To The Editor - Support urged for Dayton schools


Historical records indicate Dayton was among the first of Washington's communities to support public education and has continued to do so by supporting local school levy measures. There exists in the community an understanding that a strong and vibrant school system is a key part of a strong and vibrant community.

I am passionately encouraging voters to continue their support for education by voting "yes" on the two school measures appearing on the ballot that will soon be mailed to all registered voters.

The Maintenance and Operations Levy provides nearly 25 percent of the district's budget. Local funds provide programming that touches each of our students from pre-schoolers to seniors. The School Board acknowledges that asking local taxpayers for this level of support is difficult but it is an investment that is necessary to meet the needs of the children and the needs of our community. Without the support of local taxpayers Dayton's children will not receive the education necessary for their future.

Local levy dollars provide funding for:

Small class sizes.

Curriculum materials and supplies.

Administration and teachers needed to provide a comprehensive educational program.

Co-curricular programs and clubs (FFA, FBLA, Youth and Government).

Athletics for grades 7-12.

Clean and safe facilities.

Community use of the facilities.

Supervision of students.

Office support staff.

School nurse hours.

Library materials and staff.

Many of us moved to Dayton because of its keen sense of community. Local businesses meet our needs by providing goods and services at competitive prices. A health-care system provides a clinic, hospital, nursing home, pharmacy and dental care. Civic organizations strive to meet the various needs of children and families though fund raising and service projects.

City and county employees and volunteers also create safe streets, parks and highways for us to use.

Like an intricate and beautiful spiderweb, all of us here in Dayton are connected and interdependent. Dayton is a great place to live, work, raise a family and retire. Local support for all parts of our community is what sets us apart from other places where people live.

Dayton is not somewhere we just live, it is our home. I urge you to support our local schools by voting "yes" as we continue to support our community in the work we do with children each and every day.

Superintendent Douglas Johnson
Dayton School District


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