LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Couple ready for gay marriage in state


We're not sure how long ago we first met, but we sure remember when we married! It was August of '05, Vancouver, Canada.

Day's later when we crossed back into Washington state our marriage simply vanished. To heck with Canada, eh? No way!

In our home framed atop our computer desk is our legal Canadian marriage certificate. Our hearts kept the faith, feeling one day it would happen here at home. That day has arrived (even with pending threats to take marriage equality away) - again, we look forward to knowing we will have the law and the majority of Washington citizens on our side.

My in-laws, (Mark's) folks, so relieved, so when our phone rang this evening;

"Did you hear the news!" Yes, yes ... and we love you too. Isn't it just wonderful! My in-laws are around 80 years of age. They get it! For real. They have been married 55 years!

Along our journey we've had conversations with a few people who confidently expressed how same-sex marriage would ruin their heterosexual traditional marriage. Tear apart the fabric ... please. Really?

Hmmm, these misguided neighbors, that's right - neighbors didn't know at the time we were already married; as far as we could see their marriages were holding up just fine. Except for two couples. Yep, in the past three years two couples we know called it quits. Too bad, we liked them a lot.

Marriages don't always work out. Look into the mirror and quit looking to blame someone else! Marriages survive and thrive through love understanding and a never- give-up attitude. I'm not claiming it is easy.

Still, I supposed it must have been something we said or did. Must have been us, they told us so!

Behind closed doors we rolled our eyes and laughed about the absurdity of it all. Meanwhile over the past six years Mark and I have gone about our business of living; remodeling our home inside and out and greatly enhancing our property. So many neighbors thank us for single-handily improving the neighborhood's look that we're a bit embarrassed. Appreciative, but embarrassed.

Finally, seven years of Canadian marriage will finally become marriage in our own sweet state!

By the way, my partner - oh I dumped him! In a few day's I'll have a real Washington state husband! And so will he. Not a day too soon, hooray!

Kevin Patterson

Walla Walla


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