LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Leave LaVerne Filan alone


I appeal to a higher law and law-giver. Man's environmental and related laws do not supersede the laws of the law-giver.

LaVerne Filan is a true American who believes the Bible is true and the U.S. Constitution bears the fingerprints of its designer for the way mankind should live. Under its freedom he may willingly sacrifice life, liberty, wealth and sacred honor so his neighbor can have the same right to work, save and manage his own property under God the Creator's divine law of loving my neighbor as myself.

If one sees Filan's stock pile as junk it is only himself he surveys. Truth always comes around to haunt us. Once having thrown something away we later discover a need and are thankful someone such as LaVerne Filan saved it. So lay off!

Those three fingers are pointing back at us - jealous. selfish people and local governmental bureaucrats who punish through fines, harassment and threats. It is playing a dangerous game that is hand-in-glove with socialism leading to dictatorship and chaos.

Wisdom rests in backing off the self-righteousness so that none suffers greater judgment. Live in peace with the small amount of freedom we yet have, and pray for our brother's goodwill.

Phillip Monfort



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