LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Romney's business expertise needed


On this day of the so-called "State of the Union" address, or better known as "the latest campaign speech," I am trying to get my head around the dilemma in which Mitt Romney finds himself.

His financial position shows me he has been a very successful businessman and aside from that, it seems he has done nothing wrong. Why, all of a sudden, has financial success been considered something bad?

Let me put it into something that is very much on a smaller scale, but will relate to perhaps most of the business people who call Walla Walla home. My manufacturing company, in the 28 years of which I was a part of it, generated income in the tens of millions of dollars. That income provided a very "living wage" for many families. (The average employment over period of time was about 20 people.)

Those 20 families paid taxes in the form of income tax, property tax, fuel tax, license fees, deer tags, fishing licenses and probably several other taxes. Furthermore, their incomes contributed to the economy of the Walla Walla Valley so that the businesses those families patronized, in turn, would also pay taxes.

My business paid many different taxes including property tax on equipment we need so we can generate more income so we can pay more taxes.

Also, the company paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in rent over those years to the Port of Walla Walla so people who work for the Port can have jobs and pay their taxes.

If my company should be fortunate enough to actually make a profit after all this, and perhaps invest some of that profit into some other business, then the government also wants its cut in the form of capital gains tax. And there are 20 families who are not living in some way or another in dependency on the government.

If you take what I have described here and transpose Mitt Romney's situation into it, or for that matter any one of a number of businesses you will see it works exactly the same way.

Demonizing business will only ruin the only chance we have of enjoying the freedom and opportunity God wants us to have. If we continue to do this, we could end up with a grossly inefficient, huge government, with too much power, and probably just as many, if not more, people in need.

I support Mitt Romney. I think because of his business expertise he has the best chance of fixing this mess.

Steve Reiff

Walla Walla


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