Letters To The Editor - Society wrong to move against free thought


I hope every Christian who reads Lydia Whipple's letter in the Jan. 23 U-B writes an affirmation. I hope the U-B is swamped with thousands -- no, tens of thousands -- of letters and emails.

And, actually, I hope others besides Christians also affirm. Ms. Whipple's letter cries out against the idea that if someone doesn't like something, they have a right to stop it from even being before their face.

The ideology that supports this position is not only immature and exceedingly self-centered, but it is absolutely and totally unrealistic. How could it ever be that no one ever had to tolerate, deal with, or ignore opposition?

Any society that moves in that direction is ultimately declaring that free thought has been abolished; you must please me and me alone.

That threatens all members, not just Christians.

But the absurdity of the position, and the fact it is actually moving forward in our nation, proves that we, as human beings, are very capable of being so deceived in our thinking as to accept, declare and impose such unrealistic nonsense as true and right.

From the Christian perspective, this is the unrealistic nonsense that Christ came to deliver us from. Those of us who choose to believe that and walk in it need to set aside our denominational differences and in unity believe God to open blinded hearts, eyes and minds. And those who choose not to believe condemn their own freedom when they attempt to rob us of ours.

Susan Eddy
Walla Walla


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