In The Minutes - WW COUNTY


Walla Walla County commissioners are Perry Dozier, Gregg Loney and Greg Tompkins. With all present Monday, the board voted as follows:

  • fairgrounds: Approved contract for arena equipment, state Department of Agriculture grants to upgrade for fairgrounds and for ticketing services by Extremetix. Unanimous.

  • Network: Approved resolutions to execute memorandum of understanding with county Noxious Weed Control Board. Unanimous.

  • labor: Delayed action on clarification to memorandum of agreement relevant to labor agreement between the county Sheriff, commissioners and Commissioned Deputies Association until needed documentation arrives.

  • planning: Approved agreement with Stalzer and Associates for on-call planning services. Unanimous.

  • chemicals: Opened bids for chemical vegetation control products. Two bids received. Bids to be reviewed by public works director who will return with recommendations at later date.

  • human services: Opened bids for remodel of planned Community Services Center. Twelve bids received. Bids to be reviewed by project architect who will return with recommendation.


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