Letters To The Editor - Hmmm, what will our 'diversity' bring?


We have become a nation of diversity. Being a diverse nation it is imperative we embrace the laws of faiths and the freedoms enjoyed by all persons in the name of First Amendment guarantees in our Constitution.

In order for the Constitution to guarantee freedom of religion we must interpret it to allow the laws of all faiths, including the laws: 1) of Jehovah, 2) Buddha, 3)Baal, 4) Allah 5)and especially Molech.

Molech requires only one type of sacrifice. So simple and enjoyable to produce. Just indulge in our sexual excesses, in less than a year we have the perfect sacrifice to Molech. Molech will accept our sacrifice in a vocal way.

When the sacrifice is dropped into the fiery bowels, Molech screams with fiery, joyous delight. This we recognize as the acceptance of the sacrifice by Molech. All good we know he will give us favor for another year. We have nothing to fear.

Some may react with fear to the laws of Molech. But constitutional diversity is much to be desired. It gives all peoples in our nation the freedom to be governed by the laws they are comfortable with.

May we never as a nation approach this diversity concept with fear.

I am with Mr. McCaw, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself." Well said Mr. McCaw.

As a nation may we embrace total diversity as it needs to be. Without fear.

Lest one person be denied their constitutional rights enjoyed within the First Amendment.

When we as free men are drowning in "diversity" brought on by free men doing nothing someone will ask the stupid question, "Where did our republic GOOOooo?"

Jerolee W. Hickey


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