Letters To The Editor - School teachers do great job


I am 10 years old and am in fourth-grade at Green Park. I have a fabulous teacher, Ms. Tobin. I also get to go to the Explorer Program at Sharpstein twice a week. My teacher there is the amazing Mrs. Cortinas.

I like school because of all the fun activities we do like, physical education, music, computer lab and library. There's so much to learn and we kids wouldn't get to learn it without all the awesome staff we have. It feels so important to me to make sure the staff members get enough credit because school is a really great learning place, where we read, write and do math.

We also get to be active and learn about fitness in PE. We learn more about music in music class (and singing in choir). In computer lab we've learned how to make Power Point and keyboarding. I like library times because books come to life.

Nataya M. Lovejoy
Walla Walla


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