Cummins sets mark for elected city official


WALLA WALLA - Council Member Jerry Cummins was recognized at Wednesday's Council meeting as the longest serving elected city official.

In June of last year, Cummins (along with then-Council members Dominick Elia and Fred Mitchell) passed the record previously held by John "Dan" Swank, who was first elected in 1971 and served as a City Council member from January 1972 to June 1991 - 19 years 6 months.

Cummins won his sixth term in office last year had served continually since 1992, including two terms as mayor.

"It's a wonderful ... place to live and work, and I think that we had a Walla Walla way of doing things. And it is a great way of doing things and lets us go forward and do great things for our community," Cummins said.

Though Cummins is the longest serving elected official, Swank is still the longest serving City Council member because he was also appointed to Council in 1970 to fill a 21-month month vacancy, which put his total years of service at 21 years and two months.


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