LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Now may be good time to get swimming facility


By now I'll bet most of you have wondered why a bunch of stubbornly determined citizens believe we can get a swimming facility here in Walla Walla.

Call it a pool, call it an aquatic center or a water park, you name it. We just believe our fair city needs a place to have fun and cool off in the summer. (If we ever have one, that is! Will global warming ever get here this year?)

We know our timing is bad, but maybe, just maybe, the negative atmosphere our country seems to be swimming in needs to be redirected. Perhaps the hope that we can redesign the area around Borleske Stadium will give our town a boost it needs.

Have you ever taken a tour of the old Veterans Memorial Pool? Reacquaint yourselves with the fact the surrounding acreage was dedicated to returning veterans so many years ago?

Maybe our timing isn't so bad after all. Perhaps the skeleton of that old outmoded 50-meter tank is just waiting to play dress up! Maybe it's yearning for happy voices, for people getting together again, like the old days.

Let's not just recall how much fun it used to be, let's make it happen again. Surely we can afford it, can't we? I keep wondering who paid for the Natatorium, Graybills and all the other little pools we had years ago. Maybe it's our turn.

I'm looking forward with a positive response to the surprised question from newcomers, "Where's the pool?"

How about the Walla Walla Water Works at our Veterans' Memorial Park? Within walking distance from downtown!

Pat Yenney

Walla Walla


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