LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Justice Roberts delivers gift for both parties


Those with a good memory can remember how a simple phrase "Read my lips, no new taxes" became the undoing of an American president in the election of 1992.

Video clips of a former Chicago social worker are now appearing in which he promised, were he to be elected president, anyone with an income of $250,000 or less would not pay one thin dime more in tax. That pledge included a big chunk of what one might call "middle class."

The gift of Justice Roberts to both parties included calling the Obamacare mandate a tax. It upheld the health-care bill for the Democrats, dodged the commerce clause issue for some conservatives while giving the Republicans a trillion-dollar tax weapon to use in this year's campaign.

My evil twin will just be sitting on the sidelines watching the party loyalists twisting their phrases while trying to make a lemonade out of this inescapable lemon on center stage.

Tom Baker



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