LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - McMorris Rodgers in lockstep with GOP leaders


June 29 I received an email update from our U.S. congresswoman, Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Her message was to the point - she was disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision regarding affordable health care, and she went on to explain why. Her message was and is shocking on many levels, but the hypocrisy flooded out of her message when she stated this:

"As a mom of two young children, a wife who helps balance the family budget, and someone who helped run a family-owned small business, I am disappointed with the Supreme Court's decision - especially on the individual mandate, which is a dangerous expansion of government power."

Our 5th District congresswoman remains in 100 percent lockstep (a real expansion of power) with her leader, Rep. Mitch McConnell, who has made it clear his party's only priority is to make our current president a "one-term president." This 100 percent lockstep mentality completely overlooks our elected representative's job mission, which is to represent everyone regardless of which political party is in the majority. Once they go to work in our nation's capital their job is to work for everyone, not just Mitch McConnell.

If some voters are unhappy with the way an election turns out, they have the ability to voice their opinion via their vote in the next election.

McMorris Rodgers, in her email made it 100 percent clear she has no idea who the people are she represents and by that I mean "all of the people."

McMorris Rodgers is a mother and a wife and has a budget with money in it to be managed. She owned a small business and its clear she also has a job of her own complete with a respectable salary and top notch benefits, which includes health care and retirement. Plus, she and her husband are obviously a two-income-family.

Wow, does she not realize how lucky she is? When she says she is "disappointed," wow, for whom? Obviously only for Mitch McConnell.

In her statement it appears she does not understand how many of those Washingtonians she represents, who technically are part of the "middle class," don't have double-income situations, may have a family but not a spouse, don't have health care and don't have a budget that includes anything to "manage."

What about those Washingtonians who are not in the middle class who desperately need health care?

Where have her party's moral convictions gone? Whatever happened to "he ain't heavy, he's my brother?"

R.L. McFarland

Walla Walla


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