LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - What is letter writer's motivation?


Once again I read a letter by Bruce McCutcheon and have to wonder what his motivation is. He speaks of justice for all and allowing our justice system time to do its job.

However, once again he is condemning the store owner as a vigilante and now our city officials as incompetent or corrupt before the investigation is complete. I wonder why he only speaks of justice for Cesar Chavira but not John Saul. He even goes as far as to say that this was not a home invasion, as if that has anything to do with someone protecting himself and his property.

I wonder how far Mr McCutcheon will go to justify his opinion that Mr. Chavira is the victim and Mr. Saul is a vigilante. I wonder how far he would go to justify Mr. Chavira's actions if it were his property.

He also mentions comments I made in an earlier letter concerning what we are teaching our children.

Let me try to explain this so that he and those like him might understand. They are teaching them that by condemning Mr. Saul before the investigation is complete, our laws are not meant for everyone.

They are teaching them that it is OK to break in to another's property as long as they plan on stealing only small, inexpensive things.

They are teaching them that if they get shot while committing a crime, they will be honored and supported and treated as some kind of a hero who deserves to be looked up to.

I wonder if they understand that by doing this some of these children will idolize criminals and see that a life of crime will be accepted. I know of no other way to explain this, so if they still do not understand, will someone who might be able to explain it better please write in?

Or, if I am wrong, please write in so that I may understand.

Robert Day

Walla Walla


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