LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Yes for Walla Walla Water Works


For the past 29 years,I have been proud to call Walla Walla my home. What a great place to raise a family. Want to help make it even better?

On Aug. 7 vote for the new aquatic center to replace Memorial Pool. When our temperatures reach 90 degrees in the summer, our young kids, teens and families need a safe place to cool off and have fun together.

And family fun time is what this aquatic center will provide: a wave pool, slides, lap swim area and toddler splash pools. There's something for everyone! So please do these three things:

1.Go to facebook.com/WallaWallaWaterWorks and discover for yourself how great this center will be.

2. Spread the word with your friends and neighbors.

3. Don't forget to vote yes for Walla Walla Water Works by Aug. 7. Let's add one more thing to be proud of in our beautiful city. And if not for pride, do it for the kids.

Sue Parrish

Walla Walla


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