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This letter is in regards to Steve Singleton and Bruce McCutcheon's letters to the editor published on July 1.

Occasionally, Singleton and I disagree on topics ... but this is one of those times that I completely agree with his opinion on the New York Store investigation. We absolutely should not be critical of the investigation or the officials conducting it.

I, too, do not understand McCutcheon's priority or goal in condemning the credibility of the Sheriff's Office, Undersheriff Edward Freyer and Coroner Richard Greenwood. It is absolutely appalling to me that McCutcheon would call for any of them to resign!

Does Mr. McCutcheon realize how professional these officials are? Does he realize that Undersheriff Freyer has previous and extensive FBI experience? If he doesn't realize those things, then perhaps he should educate himself.

McCutcheon has stated that he read (in the U-B) that Mr. Chavira received pellets in the back. I must say there is not much doubt that Chavira broke into the store and residence of owner John Saul.

It doesn't make a difference to me whether he was stealing a belt buckle or a bag full. During that time frame, Chavira was a thief and a threat to anyone who worked or resided there. In fact, we will probably know for sure some details once this investigation is concluded.

In addition, it is my personal opinion that the Sheriff's office, Sheriff John Turner, Freyer, Greenwood and the other officials working on this investigation are doing a fine job for the citizens of Walla Walla County and we should all be grateful they are here.

Further, Mr. McCutcheon should consider that perhaps Mr. Chavira should have known it wasn't right to break into someone else's property, steal anything that belonged to someone else, and become a threat to anyone residing there.

Don't blame the people protecting us or conducting an investigation for Mr. Chavira not knowing or caring about the possible consequences of his actions. Mr. Chavira's demise is a tragedy, but hopefully others will learn to respect people and their belongings.

Robert Phillips

College Place


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