LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Make trip to see Walla Walla artists' work


You need to make the trip to Pendleton to the Art Center to see two amazing Walla Walla artists.

The work exhibited there by Margaret Jamison and Dawn Forbes is a joy. Jamison has acrylic paintings on cloth of mythical critters -- deer, bear, birds, with messages for us. Forbes has funny critters made of painted wood, also with messages for us.

It is not possible to walk through and not smile or laugh.

The Art Center's pairing of these two is brilliant. Jameson's acrylic paintings are -- not whimsy, not really -- but allegory, and simply well done, beautifully done. Forbes's painted wood sculptures are pure whimsy. Every piece is a treat.

In one great exhibit you have the beautiful and the profound, mixed with joy.

I saw it on Saturday. Don't miss it.

Ursula Curran
Walla Walla


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