LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Community effort is spirit of Walla Walla


In this time of "staycations," Walla Walla needs a pool for families and visitors to enjoy. Even tiny towns like Lind, Heppner, Waitsburg, Dayton, Prescott, Odessa and Othello realize the benefit of serving their tax base in a good grassroots fashion. Our young people need a safe place to hang out in the summer, take swim lessons and get more physically active.

One of the big objections I hear is that it's all fluff and no substance. From what I've seen on plans and had explained is the wave pool section can be turned off for swim lessons and lap swims to occur. Just not competition lanes.

There is a lot for the whole family to enjoy. Jim Dumont is the head of Parks and Reaction. I trust him. Consider what Parks and Recreation does for our community. Free lunches at several schools offered all summer. Supervised crafts and activities for kids at our parks during the summer. The outdoor and indoor soccer programs serving a huge number of kids. Scholarships are readily available for those who can't afford it. Everything it and its staff does is for the community.

Think down the line for the welfare of our community. Tourism is fine but usually tourism is to get people to spend more on lodging and food. Consumable things.

It is for short-term visitors. Walla Walla serves a vastly larger number of people who work here and raise our families here.

Harping on the fact the old pool was not rennovated to keep it open does no one any good. A pool is our "commitment to community."

The cost of a pool is money well spent for hours of fun, safe activity for our local families. Maybe our local clubs can set up a scholarship program for people who can't afford sending their kids to the pool. Others could make financial gifts to help with costs.

Othello has had local clubs donate water features to add the zero depth area. Perhaps College Place would step up to help defray costs. After all, all of our kids will be benefiting and using a local pool. A community effort will be in the spirit of Walla Walla. Look what was accomplished in order to save our beloved Aviary.

Joyce Anderson

Walla Walla


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