LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Repeal health-care mandate


I could totally relate to Kathleen Parker's article on the resurrection of Justice Roberts in your July 4 issue.

The "Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act," also known as "Obamacare," was supposed to offer insurance for all Americans at a lower rate, if not "free." It was not supposed to be a new tax - now we are told that it is.

Regardless of what they want to call it, my experience is that it is costing my family more money - and not less. My family has been enrolled in a plan that can be termed "catastrophic."

What that means for us is we would have no prescription coverage, no maternity benefits and a high deductible, but lower premiums. No thanks to the HHS Mandate - part of Obamacare - which is supposed to help women by forcing insurance companies to offer female contraceptives of every nature, abortion and female sterilization, our monthly premium has just increased by $60 per month. Here's the strange irony, we now have maternity care coverage, but no delivery coverage. You see, the mandate, which is supposed to be helping women, does not mandate insurance companies cover the delivery - just up to the point of delivery; after that you are financially on your own!

Of course you can abort your unborn child and insurance will pay for that; but not the delivery of a "wanted" child. Exactly how is that benefitting women? The most costly part of a pregnancy can be the delivery - but the mandate does not require its coverage. (Also, insurance companies are mandated to cover female sterilization - why not male sterilization?)

I try to take good care of my health and therefore I would never use contraception as everything from the pill to the IUD has potentially harmful side-effects, some of which can be deadly.

I believe they do far more harm to women and our society than good and there are viable natural family planning options available. Hence, I don't want to pay for that coverage. I was OK with not having maternity coverage, but what a sham to offer "partial" prenatal coverage.

So, where is my choice in the matter? As a woman, I see no possible benefit in this mandate and I believe it ought to be repealed. It is anti-woman, anti-family, and anti-American.

Cheryl S. Wilson

Walla Wall


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