LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Survey resident on county library


It seems odd that Walla Wallans, who will have the right to decide whether Walla Walla should build an aquatic center, will have no opportunity to decide whether we should build a new county library.

That will be the sole decision of the Rural Library District Board. Would those who live in Walla Walla County, but outside city limits, really prefer to be denied access to the city library in exchange for a much smaller county library? Or would they rather contribute to the city library so it could be open more hours and provide more resources?

Where exactly would a county library be situated that would be so much more accessible to those living outside city limits? As far as that goes, who exactly is a county resident? Aren't all residents of the city of Walla Walla also residents of the county of Walla Walla? Don't we all contribute to the county when we pay our property taxes?

I realize the funding of the would-be aquatic center depends on the willingness of the voters to pay extra property taxes, and the county library already has funds in hand from tax dollars it has not spent. But before making the huge investment in a new county library, wouldn't it be wise to see if that's what county residents really want?

Why not send out a survey to all county residents and give them the opportunity to voice their opinion about whether a county library should be built? Isn't that how democracy works?

Beth Call

Walla Walla


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