LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Take a stand for America


The future of America is on the line! Our dear country is on the verge of termination if people aren't willing to deliver the verdict that enough is enough!

I shouldn't have to list all the ways that Barack Obama and his gang of like-minded misfits have degraded and damaged America. By now, anyone who doesn't see the writing on the wall either takes comfort in denial, or is too lazy to pay attention! As a result, arrogant, dictatorial Obama and his fan club have succeeded in making the Oval Office the center of disgrace!

I'm sick and tired of watching the country I love dying in the stranglehold of those who have sold the truth for lies. I'm tired of the Constitution-hating, capitalism-hating, God-hating liberals who try to shove it down our throats that America must reject and abandon everything that's made her great. I'm tired of apathetic citizens who prefer to stay uninvolved, thereby allowing the destruction to continue!

Barack Obama must be voted out of office, but we can't stop there. All those self-proclaimed noble Democrats in Congress must be voted out as well. Their talk of "reaching across the aisle" to work with Republicans is a bogus sham! Obama's arrogance and divisive tactics have infiltrated the House and Senate. It's time to reject the hypocrisy!

Washington, D.C., will remain a cesspool of foolish tax-and-spend policies unless "we the people" say no! Obama's heavy-handed government will dictate every area of our lives unless "we the people" say no! Even some state and local governments have fallen into the hands of those who want to control how citizens live. "We the people" must say no!

The time has come! Those who love America must stand up and make it clear we're taking our country back! Let the politically correct, the liberal correct, the know-it-all's, throw their tantrums. We dare not back down! Timidity has no place here! It's time to line up the U-Hauls and send Obama, Biden, Pelosi and all their groupies packing!

If we don't, if it stays business as usual, then America is done. Don't laugh ... the dismantling of the USA is already in progress!

Roberta Bardsley

Walla Walla


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