LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wernette is right choice for judge


For those of you who do not know him, I would like to introduce my attorney, my advisor, my friend, Richard Wernette. I have had the opportunity to know Mr. Wernettte personally and professionally for well over 20 years.

He has represented me well and more importantly has been a friend, which has allowed me to learn of his integrity, ability and knowledge. I am lending my support to Richard Wernette because I feel he is the best candidate for the office of Superior Court judge not because there is anything wrong with the other candidate, but because there is so much right about Mr. Wernette.

In my opinion there is no one who would make a better Superior Court judge than Richard Wernette.

He has demonstrated his character and professional ability in numerous public arenas. He has served as a judge pro tem and an attorney in several significant cases.

In each instance his application of the law, personal integrity and insight has been manifested. He has demonstrated his impartiality, insight and understanding of the law.

He is well-respected in the legal community and more importantly, he is honest, fair and objective.

In our personal professional dealings he has been the voice of reason and an organized, calming influence. He has also been indignant and vocal in the face of injustice and I even know of him shedding tears, not of weakness, but of compassion for the plight of the misrepresented and underserved.

He is a dedicated volunteer both as a legal representative and with physical labor to local projects. He is in touch with the local needs of the Walla Walla community and has a clear desire to work for others and to do good in the community.

Because it will be the only opportunity to vote for a candidate for the position of Superior Court judge I urge all voters to participate in the upcoming primary election and to vote for Richard Wernette.

Dan Laizure

Walla Walla


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