LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Traffic light near mall site needs fixing


For many weeks I have contemplated writing regarding this problem. It appears that finally something has been done about it. I am referring to the four-way blinking red light on Rose and Wildwood streets.

At least that way everyone gets a chance to move on through in an orderly manner. It was very disturbing (or frustrating) to see the signal turn red as you were approaching when there was not one car within blocks from either direction needing to turn there.

I had seen this happen as early as 7 a.m. (on a Sunday) morning as I was out for my morning walk. I have seen on several occasions when that signal would turn red for no good reason and after a dozen or more cars got tired of waiting (including myself), they would finally decide to drive through the red light.

As long as the Blue Mountain Mall is no longer functioning, left turns are very infrequent anyway. Therefore, I would suggest leaving it as a "blinking" red light. That way everyone stopping for a short while allowing traffic to move through more smoothly.

W.R. Casebolt
Walla Walla


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