LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Article, letters on Sheriff's Association not accurate


Recent articles and letters that represent themselves as the opinions of the Walla Walla Commissioned Deputy Sheriff's Association are not accurate and do not represent my feelings as a member of the Association.

Because of the sensationalism with which the Union-Bulletin has covered this situation, I must speak out. No vote was taken at the WWCDSA meeting, which I attended, to approve or sanction the letter attorney Jamie Goldberg sent to Sheriff Turner and the Walla Walla County commissioners.

Discussion was held that any letters sent had to be approved by the WWCDSA's Executive Board prior to being sent. WWCDSA member Brad Ansorge took it upon himself to contact the WWCDSA's attorney and have correspondence sent without Executive Board approval.

Further, review of the letter sent appears to indicate Tom Cooper identified himself to the attorney as the Association president, which he is not.

At the time the letter was sent to Sheriff Turner, Travis Goodwin was president of the Association. Ian Edwards is secretary/treasurer. Goodwin resigned as president on June 30. He has informed me his resignation was because the Executive Board had not been consulted prior to this letter being sent.

Goodwin's resignation had nothing to do with the conduct of the sheriff, and everything to do with the conduct of Cooper and Ansorge.

The letter from Ansorge, which appeared on the front page of the U-B July 11, is inaccurate, insulting and completely uncalled for. Ansorge's critical comments toward Turner, Edwards and Goodwin are totally unacceptable. It is also unacceptable that the U-B took the unusual step of publishing a letter on the front page.

I am proud to be a county sheriff's deputy with 36 years of service. I care deeply about the safety and security of the citizens of our county.

I have found this recent publicity to be a totally unnecessary distraction from our true purpose. We have seen that three prior administrative investigations under Sheriff Turner were conducted fairly, the employees were treated with respect and the outcomes were just. I am certain that the same will be true regarding the investigation of Bill White.

Actions and comments by Cooper and Ansorge have reflected poorly on all of us, and I disagree strongly with what they have done. The citizens of Walla Walla County can be assured the officers in our department will continue to do our jobs with integrity, sensitivity and vigor.

James R. Romine


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