LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wernette will hold criminals accountable


I have known Richard Wernette for 25 years. I know he is a man of integrity, committed to family values and our community.

Richard has served our community as a judge, attorney and civic volunteer.

Richard's experience of nine years as a Municipal Court judge, seven years as Superior Court commissioner, and 21 years as a District Court judge pro tem makes him highly qualified to be our next Superior Court judge.

In addition, Richard has 26 years in private law practice emphasizing criminal and family law.

We need a man like Richard who has the judicial experience, legal expertise and the unique ability of using common-sense judgment as our next Superior Court judge.

It is crucial for public safety, in the light of recent crimes in our community, to have a judge who will hold accountable those who commit crimes.

Let's keep the quality of life we have enjoyed in Walla Walla County by joining me in voting for Richard Wernette for our next Superior Court judge.

Janet Deccio
Walla Walla


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