LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Thoughts on water park, senators and unions


I'm always fascinated with the word "we." We need this or we have to do this.

Being a senior, I would rather buy hay for a dead horse. I would be deriving the same satisfaction as paying for a new aquatic park.

How many times in the summer do you expect me to drive over to the new park and jump on the water slides for entertainment? Really!

Obviously I'm not in favor of such an add-on to my property tax.

Also, being a veteran I'm rather offended by the letter accusing Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers of being in lockstep with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. See the difference?

But I will mention a couple of senators, such as Sen. Patty Murray and Sen. Maria Cantwell, who are in lockstep with the faltering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who in turn were on the president's elbow when he was proposing cutting the health care for the military. Now if that is taking your constituents into consideration I would gladly see all four of these individuals replaced immediately before the total destruction of the good old USA. Cutting the military is opening the door for outright terrorism!

As a final thought, about a week ago the U-B published a story on page 5 or 6 about this dispute between two unions -- the Electrical Union and the Longshoreman's Union. The dispute was caused over which union would plug an electrical line to the barge at the arrival of the port that was causing the flow of barges almost to a standstill!

Now through this dispute the purveyor sending these barges had to resort to trucking product so that the company wouldn't start bleeding money causing havoc with his employees. The final say came from the judge who ordered both unions to get on with the work which at the time of the story was only a little over 50 percent.

Moral of thought: The government is always blaming the producers for the high costs running rampant but with the rest of the story, it does show where there are other entities that create a lot of unnecessary added expenses into our cost of living! Imagine that.

Myron Wallmow
Walla Walla


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