How about a tax-free holiday from new taxes?


My property tax valuations went up over 22 percent in June.

Let's look at taxes we are currently paying, before we add additional taxes.

Police Station tax.

Street repair tax.

School levy tax.

Public transportation tax.

Public safety tax.

Edison School tax.

School bus depot tax (part of the Edison bond).

Walla Walla school officials are probably waiting to see if levy usage is successfully used to fund major structures.

Some possible new taxes:

Walla Walla High School tax.

Lincoln High School tax.

Blue Ridge preschool tax

Had the school district not wasted money on architects and consultants the last few years, the preschool needs would probably have been paid by now.

We should prioritize new spending that involves additional taxes.

Better yet: A tax-free holiday from new taxes.

We're told each time it's only a few dollars a year on an average home. Those few dollars on an average home, when multiplied by a dozen others, add up fast.

A few years ago voters changed the required percentage to pass levies from 60 percent down to simple majority.

This was done to make it easier for school districts to pass maintenance and operation levies, which make up a large percentage of their operating budget.

The Walla Walla City Council is infringing on this goodwill gesture from taxpayers in a way that was never intended. It wasn't passed as a way to fund major structures. When the voters, in good faith, voted to lower the percentage needed to pass levies, they didn't envision City Councils using a levy to finance a swimming pool that had been previously defeated twice as a bond measure.

The lower percentage to pass levies isn't a last ditch bonanza to pass tax measures previously rejected as bonds.

If governmental officials misuse the tax levy as demonstrated here, state voters might rescind the levy change and go back to the 60 percent requirement to pass levies.

School supporters take note: If the lower percentage to pass levies is rescinded because of misuse, it would jeopardize future school levies.

If a pool is needed, reopen the old pool. It was a huge mistake when the City Council closed it originally.

Many Walla Walla residents officially live in the county. The city/county line is the middle of the street. One side pays a pool tax. The other doesn't. Is that fair?

For some, it's easy to support taxes someone else pays.

Vern Filan

Walla Walla


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