Letters To The Editor - Aquatic park frivolous


I have read all the letters in the U-B both for and against an aquatic water park. To me, investing in an aquatic water park is a luxury that carries a high price tag without any guarantee of being self-sufficient in nine years.

For many years, regular swimming pools were more than adequate to meet the demand for providing our children a place to refresh and cool off during the summer heat. Now we are expected to believe regular pools are no longer viable. It seems that the city is intent on keeping up with the Joneses.

Walla Walla has and will continue to be a community that is comprised of retirees who are on fixed incomes. Walla Walla needs to slow down a bit and prioritize what is and is not needed.

The city needs to take into consideration all the citizens and not just those who have incomesthat keep up with inflation.

I don't know about everyone else in Walla Walla, but I for one am on a fixed income and have seen my property taxes rising at a steady rate. New schools, fire station, police station, sewer improvements, water line replacement, bus system, road improvements ... when does it end?

I believe it would make more sense and be more cost effective to construct four pools around town instead of one extravagant aquatic water park. Regular type pools adequately served our adults and kids in the past, so why not now?

Now there will be those who read this and say Milton-Freewater has a water park, Pendleton has one and we need one. To that I would say, did Milton-Freewater build a new fire station, police station, new schools all In the last 20 years? How about Pendleton? The answer is no. Those cities know how to prioritize projects and space them out over time without burdening the taxpayers.

By the way, the estimated cost for four Olympic-size pools with wading pools, lockers, showers etc. is $6 million or $1.5 million per pool. That's $2 million cheaper than the proposed aquatic water park.

We voted the proposal down the last time and need to once again vote it down. On Aug. 7, vote no for the aquatic water park!

Robert Howard
Walla Walla


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