LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Good thing it's an election year


Now that the Republican-majority Congress has engineered another symbolic exercise, failing yet again to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (I know they labeled it Obamacare ... thanks!), we have 33 good reasons to carry into the voting booth this fall.

It costs about $2 million a day to run Congress. Since each of these political theater exercises cost us (yeah, you and me) five days or so of distracted Congress time, the "no, nothing" folks have flushed about a third of a billion dollars achieving ... nothing.

If they had proposed a workable alternative, their action might have attracted broad bipartisan support. They didn't. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office claims that doing nothing costs more while achieving much less. Going backwards doesn't hardly seem American.

I had been blissfully unaware of the fundamentally symbolic nature of congressional responsibility; how it's apparently most urgent to debate and vote on propositions that have insufficient traction to change anything, rather than make a difference by finding common ground and move ... ahem ... forward.

The "no, nothing" side of the aisle certainly exceeds all my expectations. I'm wondering where all that pre-2010 "Yes, we can" energy's dispelled to. 'Bout time it reappeared.

Good thing it's an election year.

David A. Schmaltz
Takoma Park, Md.


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