Letters To The Editor - Pool needed as part of water park


Yes, Walla Walla should have a public swimming facility during the summer months. Normally, I would be 100 percent supportive of a bond to build such an endeavor.

However, I am very disappointed and upset with the proposal that will be placed on the August ballot.

The proposed facility is great for children, but it does not meet the needs of young and older adults or families.

There are no provisions for lap holding swim meets, playing water polo, etc. There is no pool. This is a children's water park only. It is not conducive for families to spend an afternoon together.

Advocates of the proposed water park claim that a small section of a feature (wave pool?) will be available for lap swimming. I do not think that this will be available during all hours that the facility will be open and it is not long enough. Where will swimming lessons be held?

It would be nice to have a facility for local swim meets and a place for a local swim team to practice. To my knowledge, the only such facilities are at Whitman College, Walla Walla University or the YMCA.

The pools at the two colleges are not always available and one must be a member to use the YMCA pool. Of course, we can all drive to Hermiston, Pendleton, Milton-Freewater or Prescott to swim.

I will not support or vote for the water park as proposed for the August ballot and I will encourage others to vote no.

If the city will consider putting in a real swimming pool as part of the facility, then I will support it and vote yes.

Yes, the kids of the Walla Walla area need an aquatic center, but so do adults and other family members.

Please do not vote for this ballot proposal. Tell the city officials to return to the drawing board and design a park for all age groups, including a swimming pool.

I do not want to pay more taxes for something that I cannot use.

Duane Thomson
Walla Walla


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