LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Take the time to meet Sheriff Turner


First, I find it appalling that some who make unsubstantiated claims in letters to the U-B have never bothered to take the time to meet Sheriff John Turner. I have. I met him at the Park on July Fourth nearly three years ago.

I've visited and talked with him several other times and have found him to be a very humble and honorable person and a sheriff who cares about all here in Walla Walla County and elsewhere. We intend on re-electing him. Count on it!

There are several reasons why I (and many others) believe strongly that he will prove to be the absolute best sheriff we've had in many, many years.

Firstly, he wouldn't throw his deputies under the bus and refuse to help them during a near riot at the fair several years ago like someone else did. He cares extremely about the safety of his staff on a 24/7 basis.

Upon being elected sheriff, he immediately went to work trying to have safety vests, guns and rifles (for staff safety) replaced because of possible malfunctions, heavy wear on the vests (they should have been replaced years ago), a deputy or two (on night patrol) didn't have a rifle for self protection. Can anyone believe all the equipment shouldn't have been replaced several years ago and long before Turner even considered running for sheriff?

I can believe it. I see some of the "good ol' boys" (and a few of their friends) can't get over the fact that many people saw these neglected priorities and that is precisely why the majority of voters ensured the victory for our sheriff. You few who whine like children, refuse to talk with Turner and if you don't like working for him, then resign. Otherwise, be a team player.

In regards to the letter by Jill Borup of Prescott on July 15. I would wager she has never sat down and talked with Turner. If perhaps she reads this letter, maybe she would call his office and ask to do just that. I'll also wager he would make every effort to accommodate her and will offer to make her a cup of coffee.

Turner is not an egotist, he follows the rules and doesn't pressure anyone to gain their support. For Borup to make those kind of accusations about anyone she has never taken the time to know, tells me she is trying to stick up for his few opponents who cannot get over losing -- and that includes some other elected officials.

Michael Donovan
Walla Walla


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