LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Wernette committed to a safer community


I am writing to encourage you to vote for Richard Wernette because he cares about Walla Walla and wants it to be a safe place to raise our children and grandchildren. With his experience, knowledge of the law and integrity, I feel he has all the right qualifications to become a great Superior Court judge.

I worked for 25 years at Walla Walla District Court and spent many hours in the courtroom as the court clerk. During that time, I had the opportunity to actually observe the courtroom performance of many attorneys, judges and judges pro tem.

Naturally, we all form opinions of their performance levels. I will simply state that Richard Wernette will get my vote, as he has always demonstrated fairness, common sense and an ability to hold criminals accountable for their actions. He doesn't hesitate to use the "big stick" when deserved.

If you are concerned about the criminal element in this town, especially the emergence of the local gang activity now so prevalent, you should cast your vote for Richard Wernette as Walla Walla Superior Court judge on Aug. 7.

Paula Beal
Walla Walla


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