Letters To The Editor - Wolfram can be counted on in time of need


I am writing in support of Scott Wolfram for Superior Court judge.

I have known Scott since he and his family moved to Walla Walla in 1979.

Scott is the person you call upon when there is a need in the community or in a personal matter. He is the first to lend a helping hand whether it is legal or physical.

There have been times he has dropped whatever he is doing to step in to help.

Not long ago a friend of mine lost her husband very suddenly. Scott did not know my friend or her husband, but when I called him to see if he could help her, he responded quickly and helped her with her legal needs, free of charge.

Scott was appointed Superior Court commissioner nine years ago by the other judges. I have been in the courtroom to observe on Fridays when the orders of the court are handed out. These range from divorce to restraining orders to custody cases and judgments in domestic violence cases. Scott's command of the courtroom is very professional and order is maintained. He requires respect from all and to all people in the court.

I believe Scott will serve the community justice system well as a Superior Curt judge. I support him fully and urge you to support him also by voting for Scott Wolfram for Superior Court judge.

Howard K. Morgan
Walla Walla


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