LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Being called a liberal is a compliment


Have you ever seen a child throw a tantrum? The language used is said in exclamation marks. I suppose it's like the know-it-alls who throw their tantrums (Take a stand for America, U-B, July 15).

In the letter, 16 of the 25 sentences are followed by exclamation marks. Unfortunately, like tantrums, such clamorous punctuation leads to exaggerations, falsehoods, dire predictions, disrespect and condemnation.

Perhaps it would be kinder to describe these remarks as a diatribe. A diatribe is a malicious or bitter criticism. The criticism is usually based on fear. It often masks an unconscious need to convince the self of being right.

To define liberals as Constitution-hating is wrong. Liberals do not always agree with Constitution interpretations.

To define liberals as capitalism-hating is wrong. Liberals oppose the abuses of capitalism.

However, to define liberals as God-hating is not just wrong. It's offensive.

I agree with the need to take our country back. Back to the super-rich paying more in taxes. Back to greed being somewhat unacceptable. Back to finding a little commonalty. Back to having a measure of respect for others. Back to a certain amount of reasonableness.

When we become so consumed with political ideology and our own truth - and others just don't get it - we might do well to consider the words of Nietzche: "When you look long into an abyss, the abyss looks into you." (Nietzche died hopelessly insane.)

Bleeding-heart patriotism is not scriptural. For some it borders on idolatry. But for me to be called any kind of liberal (even a bleeding-heart liberal) is a compliment. It is scriptural.

Susan J. Day

Walla Walla


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