LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Blackman will partner with others


In tough times we can't get everything we want, but how much time do we have to wait before our county commissioners learn to get along, cooperate and work as a team. Teams take trust.

If you read the U-B or listen to the county commissioners' meetings, it's not hard to figure out there's no trust with certain elected officials. And that's not how we are going to get things done in Walla Walla County.

For example, what if there's a budget shortfall yet the service or safety equipment is still needed? We need to know that our county commissioners have a plan in place for when that happens.

Yes we have lots of money in reserves, but how should that money be spent. We need a plan and that takes being and acting like a team.

It's easy for county commissioners to work with the department heads because it's the county commissioners who appoint the department heads. Have you ever tried to speak up against your boss? That can be hard to do if your position lacks a certain level of security.

Teams also require the desire and ability to meet and interact with the public on a regular basis. The more people they know, the better our county commissioners understand what's important to the people.

Our commissioners work for us, but if they only work part-time on a full time salary we are wasting our money. I want every dime of my tax dollar to count and that's why I am voting for Chris Blackman for county commissioner.

She has the experience to team with others, won't let back-office politics interfere, and will make darn sure she reaches out to the entire county on a regular basis.

Chris will give up her job as a high school teacher and work full time for Walla Walla - that's how much she believes in this position. She doesn't want to be distracted by another job like other commissioners in the past have been. She wants nothing more than to serve the people of Walla Walla.

Vote for Chris Blackman, Walla Walla County commissioner District 2.

Jesse Goodwater

Walla Walla


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