LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Blackman won't waste our time


As I compared the candidates for Walla Walla County Commissioner District 2, I noticed that only one candidate has never stopped learning, never stopped trying to improve on what she already knows. To me, that's an important fact because as county commissioner, there is a lot to know.

Every job has a learning curve, but some jobs are just harder to learn because they are so complex. When you look at Chris Blackman's resume, I have no doubt that she has the intelligence and the determination to learn everything possible about the job.

Fortunately because of her professional experiences in education and social services, Chris already has a good understanding of the issues facing working families in Walla Walla County, but rest assured Chris won't be satisfied with that level of understanding. She will hit the ground running in her role as county commissioner.

She won't lay low or do the minimum amount necessary. She will be visibly active from day one, talking to county employees, meeting regularly with elected officials and attending committee meetings. Chris won't wait until the last year of her first term to be visible. No, Chris won't do that.

Chris has spent the last 20 years learning and doing. There's no reason to think she'll change now. I want an elected official who will serve the people and their interests, working every day full time. Anything less is a waste of money and a waste of our taxpayer's time.

Chris Blackman has my vote for Walla Walla County commissioner, District 2.

Shelli Fullen

Walla Walla


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