LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Give today's kids memory of fun in the water


As a boy growing up in Walla Walla, I lived at Memorial swimming pool during the summer. I would ride my bike every day to the pool. Once in a while I would switch off and go to the Natatorium, otherwise known as the Nat - mushroom in the middle of the pool. Or to Greybeal's pool with the high dive. Walla Walla had three swimming pools and every kid I knew hung around them. Those are some of my fondest memories.

As a life-long resident and businessman in Walla Walla, I completely support the new water park proposal. We have way too nice a town to not have a public swimming facility that all the residents can use, not just the children.

The children should be able to have the same memories as I do and I feel we are cheating them out of the positive experience that a swimming facility such as this can bring. I urge all residents of Walla Walla to vote "yes" on this issue come election day.

Jim Abajian

Walla Walla


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