LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - US should return to land of opportunity


Lewis Carroll in his wildest imagination for the Wonderland of Alice could not have concocted a more bizarre scenario than what we are seeing in the national election discourse.

We have a president who has been a failure in handling the economy. Unemployment over 8 percent for months and a 60 percent increase in food stamp recipients since 2008. He has a very mediocre record in foreign affairs and a run up of national debt that matches the entire deficit spending of all prior presidents put together.

His campaign operatives are pointing the felonious finger at his opponent, Mitt Romney, for falsifying his record of being a successful businessman.

Romney managed Bain Capital, a company that does commercially what a responsible national leader should endeavor to do for the country. His company studied companies, bought some of them, cut out the deadwood, restructured the management and put them on the road to success. The firms too damaged to be saved were liquidated, employees released and assets paid to stakeholders. Some pain was caused in the process, and it is difficult to see how our nation's financial situation can be corrected without causing some discomfort.

He spent three years managing the Olympic games while taking no salary for himself. How many of Obama's Chicago chums have ever done anything for anybody without pay?

It is difficult to imagine a campaign involving a high government official who earnestly believes that making a profit is an evil enterprise. One in charge of a campaign where success in business is classified as an activity to be scorned.

We need to return to a environment where we view the U.S. as a land of opportunity and not one of entitlements. A rather famous president once noted at a brighter time that we should " ...ask not what our country can do for us ..."

Tom Baker



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