Teen believes library access important


I may be very different from a majority of teenagers, but I love the Walla Walla Public Library in every way.

I own a Nook (on which I can buy and borrow electronic books), and it is something that I absolutely adore. However, I continue to use the library often, checking out whole stacks of books at a time.

I volunteer there for three hours every Saturday and have volunteered there for the last four years. I know from experience that even in today's electronic society, books are in circulation and people do go to the library. So it stands to reason I feel that libraries are an essential piece of a community, including Walla Walla County, and I am not entirely opposed to the new Rural District Library.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that I live in Walla Walla County, I will soon lose access to the Walla Walla Public Library, a place I have enjoyed the services of for over a decade. Starting in 2013 and until the opening of the new Rural Library, I will have access only to the current Rural Library on Plaza Way or be forced to drive to another Rural Library such as in Burbank.

Having this small, temporary library for a year -- or, I can almost guarantee, more -- is unfair and ridiculous for all Walla Walla County library users. I find it very sad that in the last year I spend in the Walla Walla area before leaving for college, I will not have access to the library that I know and love, hardly having access to much of a library at all.

As a 17-year-old senior in high school, I may know very little about my community when it comes to taxes, boards, councils, etc. But from what I do know, hear and see, I just wish there could be some kind of agreement between the city and county -- they are so connected in both location and community, and it seems silly that they keep to themselves and exclude each other when it comes to something like a library that is so essential and appreciated by the community.

After attending a Library Users Coalition meeting, I know that I am one of many who feel this way. All I really want is library access that my family and I deserve.

Madison Elmenhurst

College Place


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