Militarization of police a concern


My friend, a retired police officer, tells me that Walla Walla has a tank -- he calls it an APC. I am concerned that the militarization of our police is not making us more safe, but less.

Our local police "lost" almost a hundred sticks of TNT and other explosives from their war games locker and that doesn't make me feel safe.

I read that last year in Kennewick one of these "Battle Units" with an armored personnel carrier full of body-armored, heavy-weapon-toting "troops" laid siege for hours to an apartment complex there, choking the dozens of innocent families cowering in their apartments with tear gas as they dodged the bullets which passed through their walls.

This because they wanted the "bad guys" holed up there. I am pretty sure the people in that apartment complex think the police are a lot more dangerous than the guy in B13.

I don't want to live in Fallujah. This can't possibly be what we want our "peace oficers" to be, can it?

David Higgins

Walla Walla


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