LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Dozier works tirelessly for WW County


Perry Dozier has my vote for county commissioner. I have read that some people think we do not have full-time county commissioners. I guess that spending 50-plus hours a week on county business is not full time.

Remember that Monday through Friday 8 to 5 does not make a week. Many hours are spent by all three commissioners on weekends and evenings, along with the time during the normal work week. Perry Dozier is a person who is a tireless worker for Walla Walla County.

I have also read that having a surplus is not a good Idea. And that county employees are taking furlough days. Furlough days were eliminated in 2012 and, yes, the county has surplus funds.

Thank goodness. Remember the storm last week that completely eliminated some county roads. If Walla Walla County does not get help from the state, those reserve funds will be put to good use. In fact, some are.

No state money has come in and the roads are getting cleaned, opened and rebuilt in time for harvest. I appreciate commissioners past and present for setting aside money for emergencies like that.

I wonder if the people who don't like the county having reserves have a personal savings account? I bet they do.

Perry is a past president of the Washington Wheat Growers Association, past president and current board member of the Northwest Grain Growers and he sits on many boards and committees as a county commissioner.

It is clear that only Perry Dozier has the background, leadership and experience it takes to be a county commissioner.

Keith Farrens

Walla Walla


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