LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Enough taxes already!


Even though you can see my address is Prescott, we own a house in Walla Walla, too. (Our daughter and her family live there.) I feel I have a right to express my opinion on the big dream of an aquatic park in Walla Walla..

Yes, I voted against the park and pool levy twice in Prescott. I live about a block away from the pool. It is open only about two to two and a half months a year. In that length of time it is probably closed at least a week or two of that because of the weather (thunderstorms).

The levy I believe was over $100,000 for a two-year period. That is pretty expensive for four to five months of swimming. For the amount of kids who live in Prescott, I would estimate maybe the largest percentage that use the pool is 30 percent.

Prescott only has about 250 people and about 300 dogs. (Dogs don't get to use the pool.)

Where I am going with this is the levy is costing me over $100 a year on my taxes, and I don't use the pool. I can't even swim. I am now on a fixed income (Social Security). I worked 50 years of my life to get the little bit the government says I have coming. I cannot get a levy passed to help me pay my utility bills, my medical bills or my grocery bill.

It is my careful planning how my money gets spread around, so I have a roof over my head and a few cans of beans to eat. I am thinking that if the pool can't support itself, like I do, then maybe it should be filled in and grass planted or something.

If the aquatic park can't support itself in Walla Walla, then I feel it shouldn't be built in the first place. That would be at least another $100 a year on my taxes.

There are at least three indoor pools that could be used by those who want to swim. If there are those who want a little more excitement, there are the aquatic centers in Milton-Freewater and Pendleton.

What I am saying is for those who want to swim or play in the water, pay for it -- and stay out of my pocket.

When I was a kid, if I wanted to play in the water we went to the river or the creek. It had to be shallow though. Remember, I can't swim.

David Base



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