LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote for a wet and cool future


Now is the time for the primary election in which we get to exercise our citizenship. I'm voting yes for the water works project.

It feels like an obligation to me, although it is presented as a choice. We have chosen to have a new police station; we have chosen to have a new fire station; we have chosen to have a juvenile detention center; we need to choose to have a water works park.

It's been suggested that since this project involves a property tax that only people who own property should be allowed to vote. Being in the real estate business, when I vote yes on a property tax increase it involves real money.

In a practical sense it is only my money temporarily anyway. The residential and commercial clients who make business possible are paying their fair share of the property taxes on the buildings where they reside or conduct business. In the most real sense imaginable, we are all in this together.

I am fearless in my advocacy for the water works project. You could say as some opponents of the project imply that we don't owe the children of this community anything. I reject that conclusion.

Many of the adults in Walla Walla grew up with a pool. If our parents and grandparents were able to provide a water experience, how is it with any conscience that we are allowed to duck our generation's responsibility? I suspect that if only the children were allowed to vote on this it would pass overwhelmingly.

Assets in the great actuarial table are defined as things that are to be used up creating additional assets. I am comfortable using a portion of my assets to develop character and responsibility in the young at the same time they can have some fun in the water. I have joined, in other words, the side I'm on.

I invite you to join us with a yes vote for a wet and cool future for Walla Walla.

Charles Potts

Walla Walla


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