LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Vote no on proposed water park.


The proposed water park is not affordable for many of the kids and families for whom it is being built.

Walla Walla is a diverse community. Last year, over 50 percent of students attending Walla Walla Public Schools qualified for free or reduced-priced meals, meaning these students come from low-income families.

With a projected admission price of $5 for kids and $7.50 for adults, a family of four would spend $25 each and every visit, which does not seem to be affordable for a low-income family.

Besides, how many kids have five bucks to spend every day it's hot and they want to swim, regardless of family income?

Walla Walla needs a water park that is affordable for all its kids and families, and the proposed water park just costs too much.

Vote no on the proposed water park. We can't afford it.

Wes Sanders

Walla Walla


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