LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - We don't need lavish water park


I really do hate to be the bad guy. Will I be when I tell you I will not vote for the proposed water park? Probably.

Do I love our kids and grand kids? Yes I do.

Do I love our seniors, and our less advantaged families? You bet I do!

And that's why we should be realistic folks. We couldn't afford to keep Memorial Pool open at what $3 or $4 a head, what in the world makes us think we could support a water park that would cost us $5 or $7.50 admission fee? We have turned this vote down a number of times already and yet we keep wasting the money to get it on the ballot again when we already have said no.

We need to say "no" again until the committee can come up with a plan that is realistic and one we can afford.

I have two concerns about the current plan. The plan for the lap pool seems to be unclear. Do we have enough lanes to support the need? How early in the morning or late at night can we swim? Will there be designated times for lap swimmers only?

The second concern is even more important to me. How do you expect our low-income families to be able to use and afford this pool? Will they be subsidized? Seniors and families under the poverty level should not have this tax burden placed on them.

Speaking of our seniors, the baby boomers have hit town and that means we are going to have more seniors than ever because, let's face it, this is a beautiful town to live in and we welcome them. But remember they are not all going to be rolling in money.

Many of them are looking for a friendly and beautiful place to retire. Let's not surprise them with an exorbitant tax structure. It is high enough as it is. Our economy is just beginning its recovery. Let's not make it even harder by putting this additional tax burden on friends and neighbors.

Yes, we need a pool! No we don't need a lavish water park. Please vote "no" on this proposal.

Rose Ringhoffer

Walla Walla


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